Cyber – Cybersecurity track

Master of computer science


The Cybersecurity track is one of the tracks of the master in Computer Science of IP Paris. The track presents both theoretical and practical aspects of cybersecurity. It includes courses from the different schools of IP Paris and is coordinated by the cybersecurity team of the RST department of Telecom SudParis.

Language of instruction: English
ECTS: 120 (60 during first year, 60 during second year)
Orientation: research
Duration: 2 years
Courses Location: Palaiseau

Educational Objectives

The main objective of the program is to train the next generation of researchers and top-level engineers that will lead the innovation in cybersecurity.

The Computer Science Master’s program aims to teach students the theoretical foundations, key concepts and common tools relating to computer science. The 2-year program is designed to provide students with solid knowledge and know-how to master the foundations of computer science, while also developing skills in various cybersecurity fields including cryptology, systems security, network security, modeling and protocol validation.

The program also includes courses related to current trends in cybersecurity such as blockchains and machine learning. Focusing on research, it introduces students to research labs through projects and a Master’s thesis. On graduating, students will be equipped to pursue a PhD, either in academia or in the industry.

The program also aims at developing the skills required to pursue a research career through research seminars and research-oriented projects.


If you want to apply to the track, you have to visit the application portal from the IP Paris Masters web page.