Master and PhD track in CS

CS Department of IP Paris


The goal of CS master program is to teach students the theoretical foundations and the various concepts and tools of computer science. The program offers a vast coverage of different areas, including systems, networks, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, as well as algorithms and human-computer interaction. The program has a focus on research, and aims to integrate students into research labs through projects and during the master’s thesis, in order to prepare them for a PhD

This web site gathers some useful information that you will need during your stay at IP Paris. If you want to apply to the master or to the PhD track in CS, you have to visit the administrative web page.

We currently offer 9 tracks:

Name Links Coordinators
CSN Computer Science for Networks M1, M2 N. Kushik, S. Maag
CPS Cyber-Physical Systems M1 & M2 S. Mover
Cyber Cybersecurity M1 & M2 O. Levillain
DataAI Data and Artificial Intelligence M1 & M2 L. Jachiet, M. Alam
DS4Health Digital Skills for Health Transformation M1 & M2 A. Tapus
FCS Foundations of Computer Science M1, M2 S. Mimram, G. Schaeffer
IGD Interaction, Graphics & Design M1 & M2 J. Eagan and E. Lecolinet
MPRO Operations Research M1 & M2 S. Elloumi
PDS Parallel and Distributed Systems M1 & M2 G. Thomas, P. Sutra