Master and PhD track in CS

CS Department of IP Paris

Master versus PhD track

The master in CS of IP Paris is a two-year research oriented master. The master prepares for a PhD thesis or for working in a company as a R&D engineer. After the master, a student can continue with a PhD thesis, which lasts three additional years. In this case, the student has to apply for a PhD grant at the end of the master. A student enrolled in the master has to choose one of the tracks.

The PhD track in CS is an all-inclusive program with both the master and the PhD. The difference between the PhD track and the master is twofold. First, the PhD track provides more freedom. The student is enrolled for five years and is supposed to validate the credits required for the master in three years instead of two. Then, the PhD track comes with grants for the best students. IP Paris proposes two types of grants. The life grant lasts the two first years and covers the cost of living and tuition. The PhD grant is a salary. It lasts the three years of the PhD thesis.