Master and PhD track in CS

CS Department of IP Paris

Synapses/Information Systems

The information systems (e.g., Synapses) provide vital information about your courses, your professors, and your status:

Since IP Paris does not yet provide a unified centralized information system, we currently rely on the five information systems of the five schools. The students will have to use each of these the information systems. Technically, each track aggregates courses given by the different schools of IP Paris. When a student attends a course provided by a school A, the students has to use the information system of the school A.

In order to use the different information systems, each student has as many accounts as the number of schools involved in his/her track. For example, a student of the HPDA track has a Polytechnique, an ENSTA, a Telecom Paris and a Telecom SudParis account since HPDA aggregates courses from these four schools.

You can find the different information systems here:

In order to know which school provides a course, it’s relatively easy. The INF* courses are all provided by Polytechnique and the CSC* courses are all provided by Telecom SudParis. The SLR*, SE*, MITRO*, GIN*, IGR*, MACS*, TELECOM*, SR2I*, IMA*, MODS*, ACCQ*, TSIA* and SD* courses are provided by Telecom Paris (see here for a complete list). The others are mostly provided by ENSTA.