Master and PhD track in CS

CS Department of IP Paris

PhD track seminar

For the students of the PhD track in CS, we organize a seminar the first Thursday of each month at 6pm (except the first one). In this seminar, professors of IP Paris will present their research, why they are doing research and how they think that we can do a good research. Attending this seminar is not mandatory, and if master students are interested they can of course attend the seminar.

You can also download a calendar of the seminars here.

When Type Speakers Title
7/7/2022 at 18h00OtherPavlo MozharovskyiTalk of Pavlo Mozharovskyi
2/6/2022 at 18h00OtherFrançois TrahayTalk of François Trahay
5/5/2022 at 18h00OtherJesse ReadTalk of Jesse Read
7/4/2022 at 18h00OtherVicky KalogeitonTalk of Vicky Kalogeiton
3/3/2022 at 18h00OtherEtienne BordeTalk of Etienne Borde
3/2/2022 at 18h00OtherAmel BouzeghoubTalk of Amel Bouzeghoub
6/1/2022 at 18h00OtherMounîm A. El YacoubiTalk of Mounîm A. El Yacoubi
2/12/2021 at 18h00OtherMathieu DesbrunTalk of Mathieu Desbrun
7/10/2021 at 18h00OtherAlexandre ChapoutotTalk of Alexandre Chapoutot
16/9/2021 at 18h00OtherGaël ThomasWelcome in PhD track