Cyber – Cybersecurity track

Master of computer science


Both M1 and M2 are expected to do an internship at the end of their year. Internships should be research-oriented and cover a topic related to cybersecurity. The M1 internship must be 3-month long (for 20 ECTS) whereas the M2 internship must be 5- to 6-month long (for 30 ECTS). It is worth noting that internships corresponding to a consulting position will not be validated.

Once you have found an acceptable proposal, you must click on "Serveur des stages" on the e-campus interface to enter the details concerning your internship. Then, you must ask the head of the cybersecurity track to approve the subject so the "convention de stage" can be edited.

Since the cybersecurity track is research-oriented, it is possible (but not mandatory) to choose an internship that could be followed by a PhD in the same organization.

Internship Evaluation

The grade will be composed of 3 grades:

  • one from the internship advisor to evaluate your overall work (50%). You should give this form to your advisors so they can grade your work. The file must be sent back to the head of the track no later than the day of the presentation.
  • one from the "tuteur école" (an IP Paris following your internship) on your report (25%);
  • one from the defense jury on your presentation (25%).


Your report should describe your scientific work, i.e. present the problem(s) you are facing, the means you implemented to solve it, the obtained results and some perspective. Here are some additional details:

  • the report should be around 30 pages;
  • it can be written in French or in English;
  • it must be reviewed by your advisors;
  • unless required by your employer, the report does not need to include a presentation of your employer;
  • if parts of your work are deemed confidential, you must discuss the matter with the company as soon as possible (do not hesitate to your local advisor ("tuteur école") if there is a problem);
  • the report must be sent, at the latest, one week before the presentation.


The jury will be composed of the local advisor ("tuteur école"), the internship advisors, and a president (a teacher from IP Paris). Here are some additional details

  • the format will be the follwing:
    • a 30-minute presentation,
    • 15 minutes for the questions,
    • 15 minutes for the jury to discuss and give you your grade;
  • as for the report, please check for possible confidentiality issues;
  • M1 interns should aim for a presentation in early September (just before or just after the end of the internship) so everything is sorted out before you start the M2
  • it can be remote