Theme 3 - Next generation digital infrastructures

CS Department of IP Paris


The theme 3 of the CS department of Institut Polytechnique de Paris brings together teams interested in the design of the next generation of computing infrastructures ranging from supercomputers to cloud infrastructures, edge computing infrastructures and internet of things infrastructures.

The teams involved in the theme combine hardware, networks, systems, models, languages, algorithms, middleware, databases and AI to improve the performance and scalability of these infrastructures, to decrease their energy consumption, to simplify their administration and to enforce their reliability. Achieving these goals is challenging because of the complexity and the heterogeneity of the hardware and software stack: current large infrastructures are often geo-replicated at the planet scale, they involve many small devices connected with heterogeneous networks, they are highly dynamic with devices and computers that continuously enter or leave the system, and they execute complex applications that rely on many libraries and third-party services such as databases or communication middleware. The theme roughly involves 60 researchers, 20 postdocs and 50 PhD students.