Department of Institut Polytechnique de Paris

CSDAI best PhD thesis for 2023

The CSDAI department has awarded its best PhD thesis for 2023:

First prize for Antonin Leroux, LIX


François Morain and Luca De Feo

Quaternion algebra and isogeny-based cryptography

Accessit for Cameron Calk, LIX

Advisors: Eric Goubault and Philippe Malbos

Algebraic and topological models of directed systems

Accessit for Emanuele Dalsasso, LTCI

Advisors: Florence Tupin and Loïc Denis

Deep learning for SAR imagery: from denoising to scene understanding

Accessit for Elie Michel, LTCI

Advisors: Tamy Boubekeur

Interactive authoring of 3D shapes represented as programs

Thanks to the committee, Bruno Defude (samovar), Constantin Enea (LIX), Walid Gaaloul (Samovar), Antoine Manzanera (U2IS), Hieu Phan (LTCI)