Department of Institut Polytechnique de Paris


Name Keywords Where Open Contact
ACMES Seminar Parallel and distributed Systems, software Engineering, middleware, data intelligence and knowledge, cloud, IoT Telecom SudParis Yes Amel Bouzeghoub
ALCO Seminar Algorithm design, complexity, computability LIX Yes Olivier Bournez
Algorithmique du Plateau de Saclay Algorithm design, complexity, computability Palaiseau and Saclay Yes Olivier Bournez, Arpad Rimmel
Amibio/bioInfo Seminar Bioinformatics, structural bionformatics, genomics, systems biology, population genetics LIX and LRI Yes Yann Ponty, Flora Jay
ARMEDIA Seminar Machine and deep learning, computer vision, virtual and augmented reality, image and multimedia applications Telecom SudParis On request Catalin Fetita, Jerome Boudy
BART Seminar Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain Telecom Paris Yes Petr Kuznetsov
CEDAR Seminar Data management, big data analytics, data exploration, web, data mining LIX Yes Fanzhi Zhu
COSYNUS Seminar Distributed systems, hybrid systems, semantics, category theory LIX Yes Samuel Mimram
DATA IA Safety & Security Verification, safety and security for machine learning and IA systems Palaiseau and Saclay On request Bertrand Thirion, Philippe Dague, Pablo Piantanida
DIG Seminar Data management, graphs, web, mining, logics Telecom Paris On request Antoine Amarilli
GeoVIC Seminar Computer graphics, computer vision, geometric analysis & modeling, computer animation LIX On request Damien Rohmer
Lifeware Seminar Computational systems biology, chemical reaction networks, analog computation INRIA Saclay Yes François Fages
LIX Seminar Computer science LIX Yes Sylvie Putot
METHODES Seminar Formal methods, test, verification, optimization, graphs, performance evaluation, queuing theory, statistical learning Telecom SudParis Yes Tijani Chahed
Le Séminaire Palaisien | Les statistiques et l’apprentissage machine Statistics, machine Learning Palaiseau and Saclay Yes Aymeric Dieuleveut
NeGeDi Seminar Next generation digital infrastructures: networks and distributed systems IP Paris Yes Thomas Clausen, Gaël Thomas
PARTOUT Seminar Logic in Computation, proof automation, proof representation LIX Yes
Séminaire de combinatoire du plateau de Saclay Combinatorics, discrete probabilities, discrete geometry LIX Yes Jeremie Bettinelli, Eric Fusy, Viviane Pons
R3S Seminar Networks and services, security, IoT, privacy, virtualization, SDN Telecom SudParis Yes Badii Jouaber
U2IS Seminar Robotics, Hybrid systems, machine learning, computer vision ENSTA Paris On request Natalia Diaz, Goran Frehse