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QS 2023, IP Paris ranked 31th in computer science and information systems

According to the new QS ranking, IP Paris is ranked first in France, ninth in Europe and 31th in the World for Computer Science and Information Systems subject. Congratulations to our faculty and PhD students for this very good result!

F4C action of STeP2 ExcellenceS is starting

Future for Computing (F4C) is an action of STeP2 involving CSDAI department and Physics department. This action will help us to develop our research in quantum computing and technologies and in fundamentals of CS. This project will allow us to hire three assistant professors with startup packages and to support other young researchers in these fields.

More information on STeP2 on https://www.ip-paris.fr/en/news/ip-paris-wins-excellences-call-projects

New ERC Consolidator grant for Maks Ovsjanikov

Congratulations to Maks Ovsjanikov who have just received an ERC Consolidator Grant for his project VEGA: Universal Geometric Transfer Learning.

Maks Ovsjanikov

This project will explore ways in which 3D geometric data can be made more amenable to learning, especially in the presence of limited labeled training data.


IP Paris ranked 46 in computer science (THE by subject ranking)

IP Paris is ranked 46 in computer science by the 2023 THE by subject ranking (https://www.timeshighereducation.com/world-university-rankings/2023/subject-ranking/computer-science). We are ranked 2nd in France and 10th in Europe.  Thanks to all IDIA members for this nice result which position IP Paris as a major center for computer science.

CSDAI 2022 best thesis prize

The CSDAI department has awarded its best PhD thesis for 2022:

First prize for Kimia Nadjahi, LTCI

Advisor: Roland Badeau

Sliced-Wasserstein Distance for Large-Scale Machine Learning: Theory, Methodology and Extensions

Second prize for Louis Faury, LTCI and Criteo

Advisor: Olivier Fercoq

Variance-sensitive confidence intervals for parametric and offline bandits

Second prize for Marie-Julie Rakotosaona, LIX

Advisor: Maks Ovsjanikov

Learning-based representations and methods for 3D shape analysis, manipulation and reconstruction

Accessit for Martina Cerulli, LIX

Advisors: Leo Liberti and Claudia d’Ambrosio

Billevel optimization and applications

Accessit for Ondrej Cifka, LTCI

Advisors: Gaël Richard and Umul Simsekli

Deep learning methods for music style transfer

Accessit for Huating Yao, LIX and Mc Gill University

Advisors: Yann Ponty and Jérôme Waldispuhl

Local Decomposition in RNA Structural Design

Thanks to the committee, Bruno Defude (samovar), Constantin Enea (LIX), Walid Gaaloul (Samovar), Georges Hébrail (IRT SystemX), Antoine Manzanera (U2IS), Hieu Phan (LTCI)

CSDAI day, 2022 june 28th

A full day for the CSDAI department with scientific presentations, a nice barbecue for lunch, PhD posters and the award ceremony of the best CSDAI thesis for 2021.

talk of Gael


PhD posters

Thanks to all participants!


Thomas Clausen new IEEE Distinguished Contributor

Thomas Clausen has been awarded the honorary title of Distinguished Contributor by the Computer Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). More details here.

Eurographics recognizes Marie-Paule Cani with the Distinguished Career Award

Eurographics, the European professional Computer Graphics association, awarded a prize to Marie-Paule Cani, Professor at École polytechnique and researcher at the Computer Science Laboratory.

Congratulations to Marie-Paule!

More details.

Gael Richard receives an ERC advanced grant

Congratulations to Gaël Richard for his « Advanced Grant » of European Research Council (ERC) ! Gaël Richard, Professor at Télécom Paris and executive director of Hi! PARIS Center – AI for Society, will work on a project on machine listening and more specifically on artificial intelligence for sound. More details here.

QS 2022, IP Paris ranked 31 in computer science and information systems

Institut Polytechnique de Paris is ranked 31 (#9 in Europe and first in France) in the QS 2022 ranking by subject in computer science and information systems. It is a great news for our department! Thanks to all our faculties and PhD students for this very good result.