Department of Institut Polytechnique de Paris

ERC Advanced grant for Joris Van der Hoeven

Congratulations to Joris Van der Hoeven from LIX for his new ERC advanced project called ODELIX (Solving differential equations fast, precisely, and reliably)

Differential equations, i.e. equations whose unknowns are functions and in which the derivatives of these functions are involved, are an essential area of research in mathematics. Their usefulness extends to many other fields. They can be used to model, among other things, the movement of planets, the spread of epidemics, or the evolution of a chemical reaction. There are various approaches to solve them, either in a symbolic (exact) way (but these solutions don’t always exist or can be difficult to calculate), or in an approximate way using numerical methods. The aim of the ODELIX project led by Joris van der Hoeven at LIX is to improve our understanding and resolution of these equations. In terms of numerical methods, the project will focus on difficult cases that are currently hard to solve fast and with guaranteed precision. In terms of symbolic methods, the project aims to reduce the problem’s complexity using techniques drawn from computer algebra. Finally, tools such as code libraries will be developed to enable the practical use of these methods.